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To make sure that your stay in the apartment will be a pleasant one and to prevent any misunderstandings, please read the rental conditions and apartment rules below.

1. Securing Your Booking
Verify the availability of the apartment by filling in the online request form or by simply sending us an e-mail. If the period you have requested is available, an advance payment of the full amount of the rent will be required to reserve the apartment. Payment should be made by credit card via our payments processor OR via bank transfer.  For bookings valued over 2000€, full payment may be required via bank transfer only due to credit card processing limitations.

Your booking is not confirmed until management receives the full down payment amount, and you have received the confirmation email from management. This confirmation email contains all your booking details such as the address of the apartment, contact details, balance due on arrival, and other arrival and departure instructions. 

There are no hidden fees that will be charged during your stay except for, modification of your booking, additional service requests or violation of any apartment rules.


The credit card used to make the booking must be presented at the check-in, as well as a copy of the card holder’s ID in order to verify the identity of the person making the transaction and to avoid fraudulent payments.

2. Your Booking
Upon receipt of payment, your booking will be considered secure and we will send you a booking confirmation email. There you will find all your arrival details and information about your stay.

Please note, however, that receipt of payment shall not constitute acceptance of any booking. A binding contract exists only when we issue a Confirmation of Reservation to you via email.

The person who will have signed the Booking Request Form will be responsible for the payment price on the temporary rental and the must comply as with all members of his or her party to the general rental conditions.

Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under 18 years of age at the time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason.  All renters must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Any request for additional services or changes to the contract terms will result in additional charges.


Upon booking, guests will be required to submit a copy of the ID of each traveller staying in the apartment during the reserved dates. 


3. Your Arrival
You will be welcomed by a representative of management on the day of your arrival. An appointment will be made with you in advance in order to personally hand over the keys to you at the apartment, give you a tour of the apartment, explain its functions and answer any questions you may have.

It is therefore essential to provide all your detailed train and flight schedule information several days prior to your arrival so that you will not have to wait outside on the street to enter the apartment. If no appointment is made, there will not be a staff member waiting at the apartment for the check-in.

Check-ins start from15:00, however there is a possibility we may be able to check you in earlier, if we have previously agreed on a time. Please remember that you are booking an apartment, not a hotel room. We try to be as accommodating as possible and will do our best to check you in as close to your desired time as possible.

Regarding late check-ins, in the instance that you arrive between 7:00PM and 9:00PM there will be a 30€ late check-in fee, if you arrive even later, between 9:00PM and 11:00PM the check-in fee will be 50€. Between 11:00PM and 1:00AM the check-in fee will be 80€. After 1:00AM there will be a 100€ check-in fee.  This late check in fee is to compensate for our staff working after hours to assure that someone is present for your arrival.

Check-out is by or before 10:00AM (after this time may incur a fee). In the case that the guest does leave the apartment at the agreed time, management reserves the right to charge the guest in the amount of one day’s apartment rate.

4. Damage Deposit
A damage deposit is required for all apartment rentals. The damage deposit is to be paid by credit card before arrival.  Payment instructions will be sent after booking.  The deposit is fully refundable provided no damage is caused to the apartment.


As for security, management reserves the right to require a higher amount of security deposit depending the property rented and depending the total number of guests in the party.

If for any reason we need to charge you for a violation of the apartment rules or a breakage, we will notify you by email and provide evidence of any damage caused. Anything lost, damaged or broken must be replaced or refunded to its value. Extra cleaning fees may be deducted from the damage deposit if the apartment is not left in a satisfactory condition. We do not accept pets in the apartments. The apartments are strictly non-smoking.

5. Legal Contract
The rental is treated as a short-term or vacation rental. The premises must not be the principal or secondary place of residence of the tenant. The tenant may not engage in any commercial, trade or professional activity during their stay.

6. a. Payment
We accept payment by Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

We also accept bank wire transfers.  Management does not cover the possible extra banks fees or charges due to a wire transfer transaction. All rental amounts paid by wire transfer must to correspond to the deposit amount required (with a net payment).

Sorry but we are unable to accept personal cheques.

A final payment invoice document is at your disposal at the end of your stay upon request.

6. b. Rates
All properties are rented fully furnished and equipped with all major electrical appliances: refrigerator, oven, microwave, coffee-maker, electrical kettle, iron & iron board, hairdryer and a flat-screen TV with cable.  Additional electrical appliances are available at many apartments: washer/dryer, or combination, dishwasher, etc.  Please inquire to be sure that the amenity you are looking for is included in your rental.

The rental price for all properties includes linen & towels, a starter back of toiletries, toilet paper, basic cleaning products, final cleaning services.

For health and allergy reasons, we do not provide detergent for washing machine.

The Internet web pages of each apartment state the additional facilities and services available at the individual apartments.

Please note that management cannot be held responsible for Wi-Fi network malfunctions nor with the possible incompatibility between your laptop and our Internet modem access.

All prices are net and include rent, utility charges (water, electricity, heating and cable and internet subscriptions) the taxes and the agreed services linens.  Cleaning after departure is included in the price unless the apartment has not been returned in the condition in which you found it, in which case you will be charged for the extra hours of cleaning required.

Any request for additional services or changes to the initial terms agreed will result in additional charges. Management has the right to change the apartment rates, therefore rates on the website have only informative character. Apartment rates have to be confirmed by e-mail.

6. c. Insurances
The property itself and its furniture and equipment are covered by insurance, in case of fire, water leak, burglary or window glass breakages.

Your personal effects are not covered by property insurance. This insurance does not cover guest luggage, personal belongings, or objects of value.

This insurance does not cover personal civil injuries or damages.
Insurance for guests' luggage, cash, valuables and civil injuries: Please contact your personal insurance agent before departure.

Any valuables left at the property are left at your own risk.  Neither Guest Apartment Services nor our agents are responsible for their loss or damage.

All our properties are in central locations and as with all properties in prime locations, there may be a risk of burglary. Entrance doors must be always locked with key(s) when you are outside as well as inside the accommodation. We accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or consequential losses due to theft or any other security-related incident howsoever caused.

7. Maximum Occupancy
In no case is it possible to house a number of people exceeding that which is shown on the listing without the express permission of management given in advance.

If the number of people exceeds this amount, you will be charged a nightly fee and/or your damage deposit will not be returned and/or management has the right to end your rental contract immediately without any refund at its sole discretion.

8. Behaviour
The person signing the contract is responsible for the correct and decent behaviour of his/her entire party. Should you and your party not behave in such a manner, management may at its absolute discretion ask you and your party to vacate the property without a refund of the rent.

We would like to draw your attention as parents and as persons responsible for your little ones to their good behaviour. You are entirely responsible for the good behaviour of your children during your stay. Whatever is the reason, in case there is damage, be it voluntary or accidental, management reserves the right to charge you for all damages caused by your children or the children of your guests visiting you in the rental property. A complete control of the state of the apartment will be made upon each departure.

Certain apartments are not available to families with children. Please consult us before booking.

9. Cancellation of the booking by the client
In case of cancellation of booking by the client:

9.1 At the date of 60 days or more prior to the check-in date: 100% of the total booking will be refunded, less a 10% management fee of the entire cost of the booking.

9.2 If cancelled by the tenant within 60 days or less of the date of arrival or during the tenants stay, management will retain the full amount of the rent, and no refund will be possible in case of early departure.

The tenant is advised to take out travel cancellation insurance which allows the tenant: - to be reimbursed for the unused period due to cancellation or interruption of stay, - to have compulsory rental insurance required by French Law for damage due to fire, explosion, and water.

In case of violation of the rules, management has the right to cancel guest's reservation without any refund (the customer will have to pay the total balance for accommodation during the reserved period, regardless of the shorter stay).

10. Cancellation by management

In case of contingencies (Fire - damage – burglary – issues with the water heater etc.…) that would result in the apartment is unavailable, management is committed to relocating tenants to another apartment in the same or higher category, located as close as possible to the original apartment without changing availability or price.

If this relocation is not possible, all monies received by us will be refunded to the guest. Management will not, in any instance will be the subject of a claim nor will responsible for indemnification of loss or damage caused by contingencies to a tenant or its belongings.

11. Obligations of the tenant
11.1 The tenant must not occupy the premises as a business, including the exercise of any trade, profession or industry, the tenant recognizes that the lease is granted to it only as a temporary recreational residence, without these conditions, the lease would not have been granted.

11.2 The tenant must not, on his part or it's guest’s part, do anything to harm the tranquillity of the neighbourhood or other building occupants.
11.3 If you rent an apartment, you as a tenant must, as an occupier of the premises, conform to all internal regulations of the building, brought to your attention by notices or communication by the landlord or management.

11.4 The tenant must only occupy the property personally and cannot under any circumstances sublet, even for free, or assign its rights under this lease, except by agreement of the lessor/landlord.

11.5 The tenant must not under any pretext store movables, except for clothes and small items.

11.6 The tenant must not make any modification or change in the arrangement of furniture and places.

11.7 The tenant must not bring any pet (dogs, cats, etc…) into the leased space.

11.8 The tenant must let managemnet representatives perform emergency repairs if the need arises during tenancy, and must report any repairs that are required.

11.9 The tenant must maintain the leased premises and return them in good state of cleanliness and maintenance repairs at the end of tenure.

11.10 The tenant must immediately inform the lessor of any loss and damage occurring in the rented premises, even if the damage is not visible.

11.11 The tenant must pay for damages and losses caused by its own act or by the people accompanying it in the apartment, during its use of the property, unless the tenant proves that they are exempt by force majeure, where the fault was not the tenant's or of the above named persons.

11.12 Organization of arrival: the tenant will inform management in advance of check-in, the exact time of arrival. At the handover of keys, the amount of damage deposit specified in the contract will be asked.

11.13 Organization of departure: unless previously agreed by the lessor, the premises must be vacated no later than 10:00 AM.

12. Obligations of the lessor
The lessor must:

12.1 Deliver the leased premises in good working order and repair, and deliver the equipment mentioned in the contract in good working order.

12.2 Ensure the tenant the quiet enjoyment of the leased premises and secure the vices and defects likely to impede this.

12.3 Maintain the premises in a condition suitable for the intended use. Except during emergency, not perform work in the leased space.

13. Liability of management and Property owner
Neither management (as representative for the Property Owner), nor the Property Owner shall be responsible for the death of or personal injury of you or any person named on the Booking Form & Confirmation of reservation, or other person at the property unless this results from the proven negligence of owner, ourselves, or our employees.

Management shall not be liable for any loss, breach or delay due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including though not limited to act of God, explosion, flood, tempest, fire or accident, war or threat of war, civil disturbance, acts, restrictions, regulations, by-laws, or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental or local authority, strikes, lockouts, or other industrial actions or disputes or adverse weather conditions. In any such case we shall be entitled to treat the contract as discharged.

In the event of such discharge our liability shall be limited to the return of sums paid to us in respect of the unused portion of the rent calculated on a pro rata night basis.

Management cannot be held responsible for breakdown of mechanical equipment of the accommodation or common to the building, such as pumps, boilers, lift, electric doors, heater systems, TV antenna etc., nor for failure of public utilities such as water, gas and electricity or TV cable.

Neither the Property Owner nor we are responsible for noise or disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the temporary accommodation or which is beyond our control.

14. Information and Photographs of Management

You must accept that minor differences between the photograph/illustration/text used and the actual property may arise. Concerning element of comfort, decoration and furnishings, please refer to the written description of the page.

Management reserves the right to make modifications to the property that are considered necessary in the light of operating requirements. In the interest of continued improvement, management reserves the right to alter furniture, fittings, amenities, facilities, or any part of any activities, either advertised or previously available, without prior notice.

If material changes occur after your booking has been confirmed we will advise you if there is time before your arrival.

All Photographs taken at our properties, description texts and floor plans are exclusively property of management and protected by copyrights.

Partial or full photographs, texts and floor plans cannot be used or sold for profit without prior authorisation and permission from management.

15. Inventory of fixtures and furniture inventory
The apartments are delivered clean, with all appliances in good and operating repair. In relation to the above, the tenant must ensure that the furniture and furnishings suffer an amount of depreciation only attributable to the use of them for which they were intended. Anything lost, broken, deteriorated or perished and unreported during the first 24 hours of arrival will be refunded or replaced at its replacement value by the tenant to be bound thereby.

16. Law
For performance of these obligations, parties elect the laws of the country applying to the address of registered office of the lessor or his agent. In case of dispute, the court will have jurisdiction in the situation of the leased premises.

17. Privacy
All the customer’s information is strictly private and shall be used only for commercial reasons. None of the personal data provided such as address, phone number, etc. will be granted to outsiders, and all the personal data will be secretly treated to ensure customer’s privacy. We reserve the right to make changes to parts of this document.

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